Plan on landslide and geomorphological risk 

 The Plan, once approved in its final version, will include provisions that will be in force in place of existing landslide and geomorphological hazard norms in the Arno Basin, the Serchio basin and the former regional Tuscan basin. At present, the Draft Plan does not include legally binding safeguard measures and until the entry into force of the final plan the PAI provisions in force will continue to be legally binding.

The Draft Plan PAI “dissesti geomorfologici” does not include the Magra basin and the former Ligurian basins where the Pai provisions in force at present are still legally binding.

Under article 65 (1) of Legislative Decree 152 of 2006 and subsequent amendments the PAI, a sub-plan of the basin plan, is “the knowledge, legislative, technical and operative tool which contains measures and use rules to preserve, protect and enhance soil”.

In the Arno basin and in the former regional Tuscan basin the PAI is legally binding in terms of landslide hazard and geomorphological instability. The PAI formerly contained a flood hazard section that is repealed and replaced by the Flood Risk Management Plan (PGRA).

In the Serchio basin, in the former Ligurian basins and in the Magra basin, the PAI is in force both for landslide hazard and geomorphological instability and for flood hazard both in terms of maps and provisions.

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